Bridal Veil - Louis Sicard

Stretching 40m through between the trees in this wood in central France and perforated with 4000 holes that create a continuous fall of water, Bridal Veil is a water installation designed by architects Louis Sicard and Emil Yusta along with carpenter Thorsten Fischer. It was created for this year’s Horizons Sancy art & nature festival; which features arts from across the region. 

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CG looks nice in new SpongeBob movie Sponge Out of Water.

High Fashion Magazine June 1999

水と盆栽 by Azuma Makoto


Miyazaki in Limbo

Anime and Videogames for people that don’t think they like Anime and Videogames.

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Seeing New York in Cinemagraphs by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck | via

We’ve already introduced the amazing Cinemagraphs by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. As an homage to the place they’re living, and working, they created the animated series ‘Seeing New York – through my Giorgio Armani lenses’, showing us the world trough their eyes.

The result is a series of intriguing moving pictures that make us feel as if we were right there, observing Times Square, Central Park and the Grand Central station through the classic Armani lenses. If you are interested in the glasses, you can find them here.

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Beth Cavener Stichter and Alessandro Gallo Collaborate on Ornate Sculpture

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on February 24, 2014

Beth Cavener Stichter’s (Hi-Fructose Vol. 26 cover artist) sculptures have an intensely-visceral quality. The ceramic animals she hand-builds demonstrate an human-like sense of understanding with their sensitive gazes and anthropomorphic eyes. But despite their thoughtful countenances, these characters are also perfectly at home in their animal skins. Cavener Stichter’s work does not shy away from the brutality of the animal world, from its untamed sexuality to its endless cycle of predator and prey.

She recently collaborated with Italian artist Alessandro Gallo (previously featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 24), who embellished her latest sculpture, Tangled Up in You, with painted tattoos reminiscent of traditional Japanese tattoo art. The 65-inch-tall sculpture (15 feet total, from the top knot of the rope to the floor) shows a lanky rabbit intertwined with a snake in mid-air. It is unclear whether the two figures are caught in a struggle to the death or a passionate embrace. Tangled Up in You is currently on view at the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Take a look at some detail shots of the elaborate piece as well as some photos of Cavener Stichter in her studio.

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Tokyo Neck