The ‘100 Cats’ exhibition is UP and open for THIS WEEKEND ONLY at A-side B-side Gallery, Hackney. Featuring 36 illustrators and 100 pieces of cat themed artwork. Catch it while you can!

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posters for Project 2501 - Homage to Ghost in the Shell

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Syd Mead, concept art for Blade Runner.

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Artist & Sculptor:

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

"空的時刻 勿忘死亡"

H 122 cm x W 27 cm x D 23 cm



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There’s something particularly eerie about an abandoned shopping mall. Perhaps it’s the stark contrast from its intended purpose: to see such a sterile place once designed to entice throngs of shoppers into its doors, now so completely devoid of any human life, dilapidated and darkened with time. It’s basically the very definition of post-apocalyptic. But in the case of the (now ironically named) New World shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, abandonment by humans doesn’t equate with lifelessness. The mall, which reportedly caught fire in 1999 (rumored to be arson by a competitor), has since flooded with several feet of water and become a paradise for koi and catfish.

As seen in these photos from chef / travel writer Jesse Rockwell, the resulting “urban aquarium” is at once delightful and surreal. Rockwell writes on his travel, photography, and food blog A Taste of The Road that someone deliberately introduced the fish (to probably reduce mosquitoes) into the vacant mall, but that locals in Bangkok’s old town “discourage people from visiting it.” He says he had to wait for a policeman to leave before entering, which makes his resulting images all the more breathtaking. (via The Verge)

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Andrew Valko, ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’, 2012

Akira Club - Akira art book - Otomo Katsuhiro


The Miter Box

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Stwo - Virgo (ft. Shay Lia)


I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.
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Supersonic Visits: A Day in the Life of Ron Ulicny.

Photographer Shaun Roberts spent a day with sculptor and visionary artist Ron Ulicny in Portland, Oregon following him as he searched out interesting items at various thrift stores and worked on his art in his crammed-full-of-curiosities studio.  Ulicny, originally from the East Coast, has a preternatural ability at transforming the familiar into a dimension of unfamiliar that excites and creates confessions from within like, “It’s better Ulicny’s way.”  Check out over 30 images of a day in the life of Ulicny below:

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I literally have looked at this beautiful collection from Elizabeth Suzann a crazy amount of times this week. Pieces that can be worn everyday alone or layered for the perfect fall look. I literally wish every single piece lived in my closet.
Elizabeth had this to say about her latest collection… "This season, I was heavily influenced by my favorite iconic shapes of decades past … These are the cuts and silhouettes that always reappear on those women that nobody forgets - the Audrey Hepburns, Marilyn Monroes, and Diane Keatons."

I love her inspiration and how lovely each piece turned out in an updated but still minimal version.

I got to try on all of these pieces. they’re perfect!